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Boonie Bears


3D Animation

Format: 208X13'

Available Language(s): English, Mandarin 


Set in a lovely wooded forest, Boonie Bears is a light-hearted and hilarious 3D animated comedy series designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Boonie Bears chronicles the lengths to which the nefarious Logger Vick will go to bring down as many trees as time, equipment, and greed will allow. If Vick is the no-luck villain of the story, then bear brothers Briar and Bramble are its heart-of-gold heroes.

Set in the lush woodlands, Boonie Bears highlights the richly variegated colors of the region's changing seasons, together with other natural features that make this place unique. Against this captivating backdrop, a whimsical tale unfolds in which two bears challenge an unscrupulous outsider, and gain victory through teamwork and perseverance. Logger Vick quickly comes to realize that it will take more than just heavy machinery and brute force to meet his timber quota. As Briar and Bramble will never give up their fight for the woodlands they call home.

Boonie Bears is a fast-paced comedic battle for the forest—with the Good Guys grinning, and winning, and the bad guys cruising for a bruising.